Sound Design
Sound Design and Compositions

260 Tales


An interactive cinematic VR learning experience

260 Tales’ is MANND’s newest project and first initiative within the educational sector. Combining cinematic VR, teaching elements and storytelling, this prototype strives towards teaching high school students a second language in an enriching new way. By placing the students within a story in a foreign country as the protagonist with the opportunity to interact with the storyline, we aspire the students to work around language in a compelling format. This prototype will be used a beta test in order to research the extent that VR can have on language learning. The project is funded by Interactive Denmark, Cross Motion and Filmby Aarhus.

I have done the entire sound work on 260 Tales, working closely with the MANND team to fulfil their vision about the sound design. My work on the project includes: Field recording, on-set actor recording, sound design, post-production, ambisonics mixing & musical score.

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